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Le SdKfz 171 Panzer V Panther was a battle tank used by the German army during the Second world War, from July 1943 during the battle of Kursk, to may 8, 1945. Designed to counter the tank T-34 soviet, and replace the Panzerkampfwagen III and Panzerkampfwagen IV, it served ultimately to their sides, up to the end of the war, in three major versions : "D ", " A ", " G ".
One last version " F " or "Panther II" was being planned, prior to the ultimate replacement of the "Panther" by the tank " E-50 ".
La version Ausf.G : 2 950 copies from march 1944. Simplification of production : plate in one piece on the flanks — there's no longer the off-hook vertical in the rear; the front plate loses the block the driver's vision, replaced by a periscope on the roof of the cockpit ; the Schurzen are fitted to a steel blade which runs the length of the flanks ; the lighthouse is down on the mudguard ; the exhaust manifold of the left no longer has a single pipe; the rear is redesigned. Late Production : the deflector moves to the bottom of the front face of the turret, to eliminate the trap which was deflect enemy shells to the roof of the superstructure. On a twenty machines of the end of production, the rollers tyres, of rubber are replaced by rollers " steel ".

Source: Panther on Wikipedia

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