King Tiger II - Walk Around

Königstiger - sdkfz.182 - Tiger II

Pays : Germany
Type : Heavy tank
Topic :

Album de 37 photos walkaround d’a char King Tiger II

The Panzerkampfwagen VI Königstiger, ou Sd.Kfz. 182 Panzer VI ausf B Tiger II, surnommé le king tiger (Tigre royal), est un char d’German assault of the Second world War. Product 50 copies for the model to turret « Porsche« , 439 copies for the model to turret « Henschel« this tank was fitted with’an important shielding, d’a gun, giving him the ability to outfight any tank in allied service during the last two years of the conflict, but it had the same engine as the Panther, his power-weight ratio was so less, it was slow and little mobile, very greedy fuel, and he had to change tracks before and after all rail transport.

Source: King Tiger II on Wikipedia

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