76.2mm Regimental Howitzer Model 1927-39

76 mm regimental gun M1927

Šalis Sovietų Sąjunga
Tipas Pėstininkų paramos ginklą
Vieta Museum of the Polish Army (Warsaw, Poland)

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Foto galerija iš 76 mm regimental gun M1927, The 76 mm regimental gun M1927 (Russian: 76-мм полковая пушка обр. 1927 г.) was a Soviet infantry support gun. The gun was developed in 1927 by the design bureau of Orudiyno-Arsenalny Trest (OAT) and entered production in 1928. A total of 16,482 pieces were built. On June 22, 1941 the Red Army had 4,708 of these guns. In 1943 the gun was replaced in production by the 76 mm regimental gun M1943, but remained in service until the end of the war. The Germans placed captured guns into service as the 7.62 cm Infanteriekanonehaubitze 290(r) (infantry gun-howitzer), while in the Finnish army they were known as 76 RK/27.

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76,2 mm regimental gun mod.1927
Fotografas Alex Мартыненко
Lokalizavimo Unknow
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  • 76 mm around
  • M1927 76ミリ歩兵砲
  • M1927 歩兵砲
  • regimentsgeschütz 76mm m1927
  • Z76mm WW2