Grumman F3F-3

Grumman F3F

국가 미국
역할 전투기
먼저 항공편 20 March 1935
내장 147

이론 F3F was the last American biplane fighter aircraft delivered to the United States Navy (indeed, the last biplane fighter delivered to any American military air arm), and served between the wars. Designed as an improvement on the single-seat F2F, it entered service in 1936. It was retired from front line squadrons at the end of 1941 before it could serve in World War II, and was first replaced by the Brewster F2A Buffalo. The F3F which inherited the Leroy Grumman-designed retractable main landing gear configuration first used on the Grumman FF served as the basis for a biplane design ultimately developed into the much more successful F4F Wildcat.

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이론 F3F-3 주변 산책
사진 시스 Hendriks
현지화 Unknow
사진 40
Wait, Searching Grumman F3F for you…

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