Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer - TIGRIS MODELL 4602

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Serie Skála Panzer
Mérleg 1/35

Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer

The full length (front of tank gun) of French Army AMX-10RCR mobile tank destroyer plastics assembly model with the proportion of 1/35 is 261mm and the width is 88mm. The turret can be rotated freely. All hatch covers can be opened or closed. The periscope, optical equipment and lamps are transparent components. The additional armor components realize the details on vehicle body and turret division. The six wheels are rotary and made of TPE rubber structure with delicate etched details. The air inlet explosion proof net of engine, rear registration number plate and vehicle-length finder crash barrier are made of metal photo etched metal accessories. The model is equipped with delicate metal slings. The suite can be made into French Army style and NATO tri-color coating, including two kinds of registration number. It contains a piece of abundant water sticker and colorful manual on color coating

The vehicle body and turret are full welding aluminum structure. It is researched, developed and produced by GIAT Group in order to meet the requirement on replacing Panhard heavy armor vehicle by French Army. The French Army has purchased 284 pieces of AMX-10RC since the 1980s. Morocco and Qatar are equipped with this vehicle as well.AMX-10RC is engaged in the Chad Civil War, Gulf War, the Bosnian War and the War in Afghanistan where French Army joined. AMX-10RCR is a new type improved on the old AMX-10RC by French in 2000 where the vehicle loading equipment and steel armor are added, rear sprinkler and front breakwater are removed and the amphibious purpose is omitted. French Army completed the improvement of the entire vehicle in 2010. The new AMX-10RCR is to put into service for a longer time in French Army.

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Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer - TIGRIS MODELL 4602
Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer – TIGRIS MODELL 4602

Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer - TIGRIS MODELL 4602
Francia AMX-10RCR Tank destroyer – TIGRIS MODELL 4602

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