Boeing FB-5 Kull

Boeing FB-5 Kull


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Euroopa Boeing Model 15 was a United States open-cockpit biplane single-seat fighter aircraft of the 1920s, manufactured by the Boeing company. The Model 15 saw service with the United States Army Air Service (as the PW-9 series) and with the United States Navy as a carrier-based fighter (as the FB series).

FB-5 : 27 built, production version. Powered by 520 hp (390 kW) Packard 2A-1500 engine. Boeing Model 67.

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Wait, Searching Boeing FB-5 Hawk for you…
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  • Boeing FB 5 Hawk
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  • Boeing FB 5
  • ボーイングステアマン・オープンコックピット複葉機

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