76mm polní dělo mod. 1939

76 mm divizní zbraň M1939

ZeměSovětský Svaz
TypDivizní zbraň
FotografieYuri Pasholok
PopisAlbum 21 fotografie procházka kolem "76 mm divizní zbraň M1939"

Fotogalerie 76 mm divizní zbraň M1939, The 76-mm divisional gun M1939 (F-22 USV or USV) (Russian: 76-мм дивизионная пушка обр. 1939 г. (Ф-22 УСВ or УСВ)) was a 76.2 mm cannon produced in the Soviet Union. It was adopted for Red Army service in 1939 and used extensively in World War II. The gun was designated as “divisional” – issued to batteries under the direct control of division headquarters. The F-22 USV was an intermediate model, coming between the F-22, which had limited anti-aircraft capability, and the simpler and cheaper ZiS-3, which eventually replaced it in production and service.

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Čekání, Hledání 76 mm divizní zbraň M1939 fotografie pro vás...
Čekání, Hledání 76 mm divizní zbraň M1939 pro vás...

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