Panzerwrecks Обем 2


Език Английски
Тема Танкова отломки в Виена
Страница 96 страници
Номер ISBN-13 978-0-9754183-1-4

-7 pages feature about Panzer wrecks in Vienna, inlcudes German vehicles in Russian service
-3 photos of the Sturmörser (Sturmtiger) captured near Ebendorf and now at Panzer Museum Munster
-Hybrid Sturmgeschütz III modified to resemble a Jagdpanzer IV
-20 pages feature about German AFVs found in Yugoslavia, including Sd.Kfz.251/22 and all sorts of cool Panzers
-A Jagdpanzer IV outfitted with a footbridge – why?
-Flakpanzers: 38, Wirbelwind & Möbelwagen
-Rare shot of a UE fitted with racks for firing Wurfrahmen
-16 pages of wrecks in Berlin – including a unique Pz.Kpfw.I fitted with a StuK40 from a StuG!

Танкова отломки в Виена
Трофеи от войната в Югославия
Танкова отломки в Зноймо
Endkämpfe в Берлин
ISBN: 978-0-9754183-1-4
Date: 2006. Reprinted 2009, 2014
No of Photos: 124
Няма Страници: 96
Размер: 280x210mm (Л)

Източник: Panzerwrecks

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Panzerwrecks Обем 2
Panzerwrecks Обем 2
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