Combat Vehicle 90


战车 90 (CV90; Sw. Stridsfordon 90, Strf90)是瑞典国防物资管理局(Försvarets Materielverk,FMV),Hägglunds和Bofors在1980年代中期至1990年代初设计的瑞典履带式战车家族,于1990年代中期在瑞典服役。CV90平台设计随着技术的进步和不断变化的战场要求,从Mk0到目前的MkIV不断发展。瑞典版的主步兵战车(IFV)配备了博福斯的炮塔,该炮塔配备了40毫米博福斯自动加农炮。出口版本配备了Hägglunds E系列炮塔,配备30毫米Mk44或35毫米布什马斯特自动加农炮。

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CV9035 Walk Around


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The Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) is a family of Swedish tracked armored combat vehicles designed by Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets Materielverk, FMV), Hägglunds and Bofors during the mid-1980s to early 1990s. The CV90 entered service in Sweden in the mid-1990s and has been exported to several countries, including Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Switzerland. The CV90 platform design has continuously evolved from the Mk 0 to current Mk IV with technological advances and changing battlefield requirements. The CV90 is a versatile vehicle that can be fitted with different turrets and weapons systems to suit various roles and missions. The main infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) variant is equipped with a 40 mm Bofors autocannon, while other variants have 30 mm or 35 mm Bushmaster autocannons. The CV90 also has secondary armament of a 7.62 mm machine gun and six grenade launchers. Some versions of the CV90 have additional features such as active protection systems, enhanced armor protection, improved fire control systems and situational awareness sensors. The CV90 is designed for high mobility and survivability in any terrain or tactical environment. It has a powerful diesel engine that provides a maximum speed of 70 km/h and a range of 320 km. The vehicle has a torsion bar suspension system that allows it to traverse rough terrain and obstacles. The CV90 can be transported by air or land, and can be adapted for amphibious operations. The vehicle has a crew of three (commander, gunner and driver) and can carry six to eight fully equipped soldiers depending on the variant. The CV90 is a proven combat vehicle that has been used in several operations and exercises around the world. It offers high performance, reliability and cost-efficiency throughout its lifecycle. BAE Systems Hägglunds AB is the main manufacturer and supplier of the CV90 family, and provides through-life support and technology transfer agreements to its customers.

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