Wydawnictwo Militaria 194 - Afryka Wschodnia 1935-1941

Wydawnictwo Militaria

SeriesWydawnictwo Militaria

Eastern africa 1935-1941


A documentation signed Wydawnictwo Militaria the book "eastern Africa 1935-1941 – Wydawnictwo Militaria 194" .

The Campaign of East Africa is a series of battles of the Second world War between the Allies and the Italian Empire. The greater part of the allied troops was from the Commonwealth, notably India, South Africa, Rhodesia, Nigeria, and Ghana. They were reinforced by the resilient ethiopian soldiers of the free French Forces, and belgian Forces free.

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Wydawnictwo Militaria 194 - Afryka Wschodnia 1935-1941
Afrique de L'est 1935-1941 – wydawnictwo Militaria 194
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