Російський важкий танк ІС-2 1944 - Тамія 32571


Посилання 32571

Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 1944

Turret and hull feature a realistic cast metal surface texture. The assembly-type tracks offer easy assembly and feature realistic sag effect. Includes 1 commander figure positioned in the cupola. Comes with 2 kinds of markings.

The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 was built to counter the German Tiger I. The JS-2, which was put into production in December 1943 during the latter half of WWII, had a long powerful 122mm gun and superior armor. From August, 1944 the hatch on the front glacis was deleted, which greatly improved its frontal protection. The JS-2 was produced in the Chelyabinsk Kirov factory (ChKZ), and they proved to be effective as “breakthrough” tanks as well as combating German armor. The Tamiya 1/48 scale model kit faithfully captures the details of this iconic World War II machine.

Джерело: Steyr 1500A on Tamiya

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Російський важкий танк ІС-2 1944 - Тамія 32571
Російський важкий танк ІС-2 1944 – Тамія 32571
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