M3A5 Грант другий - навколо

M3A5 Гранд II


Середній Танк


Альбом 117 фото прогулянки навколо танка «M3A5 Гранд II»

Photo gallery of a M3A5 Grant II, The Середній Танк М3 was an American tank used during World War II. In Britain the tank was called by two names based on the turret configuration. Tanks employing US pattern turrets were called the “General Lee”, named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Variants using British pattern turrets were known as “General Grant”, named after U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant. Design commenced in July 1940, and the first M3s were operational in late 1941.

Джерело: Вікіпедія

Wait, Searching M3A5 Grant II photos for you…
Wait, Searching M3A5 Grant II for you…

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