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BA-64 Armored Car

RollArmored car

Den BA-64 was a 4×4 light armoured car, employed by the Soviet Army from 1942 into the early 1960s for reconnaissance and liaison tasks. The BA-64B was nicknamed ‘Bobik’ by its crews. The total recorded number of BA-64s produced differs even in Russian sources. The most frequently-stated figures are 9,110 (3,901 BA-64 and 5,209 BA-64B) vehicles which were built in the GAZ automobile plant, although a memorial plaque near the pictured Nizhny Novgorod car states 9,063 cars. The Red Army representatives accepted only 8,174 BA-64s, including 3,390 with radio sets; the other vehicles were transferred to NKVD units and Soviet allies.

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BA-64 Armored Car
FotografYuri Pasholok
Wait, Searching BA-64B Armored Car for you…
Ba-64 Walk Around
FotografVladimir Yakubov
LokaliseringMilitary Museum of Southern New England

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