Henschel Typ 33D1 truck - Revell 03098



Henschel Typ 33D1

Модел бренда Ревелл комплет: Henschel Typ 33D1 truck – Revell 03098. 1929’s Henschel Type 33 D 1 satisfied the German Army’s need for a cross-country truck. The six-wheel drive D1 could carry up to 3 tons worth of troops and supplies. Later versions were distinguished by a longer hood and an extended wheelbase between the first and second axles. This late-version kit features finely engraved surface details, an authentically reproduced engine, opening engine covers, a single driveshaft, a realistic wooden platform, detailed interior fittings, twin tires on the rear axle, Simplex® wheel rims and authentic decals for three German Army vehicles.

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Henschel Typ 33D1 truck - Revell 03098
Henschel Typ 33D1 truck – Revell 03098
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