Кромвел Крейсерский Тенк 1942-50 - Дејвид Флечер

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Дејвид Флечер


Cromwell Cruiser Tank 1942-50

Relié48 pages
Број ИСБН-13978-1841768144

Опис књиге : For most of World War II, British tank development remained faithful to the design philosophy inaugurated during World War I. Experiences in North Africa highlighted flaws in this basic design, however, and the General Staff identified the need for a new heavy cruiser that could combine speed and manoeuvrability with increased armour and armament. The Cromwell Cruiser tank was designed as a result and soon proved itself one of the fastest and most successful tanks deployed by the Allies during World War II. This book details the design and development of the Cromwell and its many variants, from its introduction at D-Day, through its many successes in the final year of World War II and beyond.

Коментари Издавач : Без премца илустровани приручник за борбена возила, превоза и артиљерије током векова. Сваки томе иллюстрирован, што чини ове књиге јединствен приступачан за љубитеље историје свих узраста.

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Кромвел Крейсерский Тенк 1942-50 - Дејвид Флечер
Кромвел Крейсерский Тенк 1942-50 – Дејвид Флечер
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