Nakajima B5N2 Kate - Airfix A04058


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Nakajima B5N2 ‘Kate’

Модел бренда Батаљону the kit : Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat Starter Set – Airfix A55214.

Scale: 1:72 Skill: 3 Flying Hours: 1 Number of Parts: 107

У Nakajima B5N2 ‘Kate’ was the most numerous Japanese torpedo bomber of the Second World War and while primarily operated as a torpedo bomber from carriers, it also saw service as a land based bomber. A single engine monoplane, it was defended by just one rearward firing machine gun, operated by the radio operator, and its relatively low speed left it vulnerable to enemy fighters, perfoming well at Pearl Harbour and going on to have success at the Battle of the Coral Sea and Midway.

Извор: Nakajima B5N2 Set on Airfix

Nakajima B5N2 Kate - Airfix A04058
Накајима Б5Н2 Кејт - Аирфик А04058
Nakajima B5N2 Kate  - Airfix A04058
Накајима Б5Н2 Кејт - Аирфик А04058
Nakajima B5N2 Kate  - Airfix A04058
Накајима Б5Н2 Кејт - Аирфик А04058
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