Mi-2URP Hoplite antitank varianta - HOBI ŠEF 87244

Hobi Šef


Mi-2URP Hoplite antitank variant

Model blagovne znamke HobbyBoss komplet : Mi-2URP Hoplite antitank variant – HOBBY BOSS 87244

Značilnosti : The kit consists of over 100 parts , include 7 clear parts

The Mi-2 (NATO reporting name is “Hoplite”) is a small, lightly armored transport helicopter that could also provide close air support when armed with 57 mm rockets and a 23 mm cannon. It was first introduced into the Soviet Air Force in 1965. The Mi-2 is used by mainly former Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries. Most of armed Mi-2 variants were used by Poland. Some were also used by the East Germany,Mi-2T is utility cargo version.

Vir: Hobi Šef

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