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A kit of the brand Sily Valor súpravy : HMS BATTLECRUISER HOOD – Forces of Valor 86002.

HMS Hood (pennant number 51) was the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy. One of four Admiral-class battlecruisers ordered in mid-1916, her design – although drastically revised after the Battle of Jutland and improved while she was under construction – still had serious limitations. For this reason she was the only ship of her class to be completed. She was named after the 18th-century Admiral Samuel Hood

-Plastic and diecast metal construction. -Lower hull is metal. -Turrets rotate. -Guns elevate. -Comes with a display stand. -New packaging for 2012 no ties or screws, double blister construction.

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HMS BATTLECRUISER HOOD - Forces of Valor 86002
HMS BATTLECRUISER HOOD – Forces of Valor 86002
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