Мессершмитт Me208

Мессершмитт Me208

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Teh Мессершмитт Me208 was an enlarged version of a Messerschmitt Bf 108 with a retractable tricycle landing gear. Two prototypes were built by SNCAN (Nord) in France during the war. Construction of the Messerschmitt Bf 108 was transferred to the Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord (usually known simply as Nord) at Les Mureaux, to the West of Paris, in occupied France in 1942. The company built two prototypes of the Messerschmitt Me 208 during 1943/44. One survived the liberation and was redesignated Nord 1100. Nord built 200 production examples of the Noralpha and these served as communications aircraft with the French Air Force and French Navy. Later, many examples were civilianised.

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Мессершмитт Me208
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Мессершмитт Me-208 (NORD Noralpha) Прогулка вокруг
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The Messerschmitt Me208 was a German aircraft project that aimed to improve the design and performance of the Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun, a four-seat liaison and communications monoplane. The Me208 featured a larger fuselage, a retractable tricycle landing gear, and a more powerful Argus As 10C-1 engine with 240 hp. The development of the Me208 was carried out by the French company Nord Aviation, which had taken over the production of the Bf 108 in occupied France in 1942. Two prototypes of the Me208 were built by Nord in 1943 and 1944, but only one survived the liberation of France. The surviving prototype was redesignated as Nord 1100 and served as the basis for the Nord 1101 Noralpha, a similar aircraft with a Renault 6Q-10 engine. The Nord 1101 was produced in large numbers for the French Air Force and Navy, and also exported to several countries. The Me208 was never put into production by Germany, and remained an experimental aircraft that demonstrated the potential of a modernized Bf 108.

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