Medal "Gold Medal of Military Valor"


TypeMilitary decoration
EligibilityJunior officers and soldiers
Awarded forDeeds of outstanding gallantry in war
Established21 May 1793
Total awardednc

The Gold Medal of Military Valor is an Italian medal established on 21 May 1793 by King Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia “….per bassi ufficiali e soldati che avevano fatto azioni di segnalato valore in guerra” (for deeds of outstanding gallantry in war by junior officers and soldiers). The face of the medal displayed the profile of the king, and on its reverse was a flag decoration and the words “al valore” (for valor). On 14 August 1815, Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia replaced it with the Military Order of Savoy (“l’Ordine militare di Savoia”), now known as the Military Order of Italy. Charles Albert of Sardinia revived it on March 26, 1833, and added to it the Silver and Bronze medals. These had, on their faces, the coat of arms of Savoy with laurel branches, the royal crown, and the words “al valor militare” (for military valor). On the reverse were two laurel branches enclosing the name of the decorated soldier, and the place and date of the action. With the proclamation of the Republic on June 2, 1946, the coat of arms of Savoy was replaced with the emblem of the Italian Republic

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Medal "Gold Medal of Military Valor"
Медаль “золотой медалью За воинскую доблесть”
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