GMC CCKW Caminhão Andar - Esquadrão Sinal SS5718

Esquadrão De Sinal

SerieAmor Caminhada De Cerca De
TópicoGMC CCKW Truck
Períodosegunda guerra mundial
A documentação assinada Esquadrão De Sinal the book «GMC CCKW Truck Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5718» . As war spread in Asia and war clouds gathered over Europe in the late 1930s, the US Army Quartermaster Corps set out to acquire a tough, new 2-1/2 ton tactical truck that would be up to the task of hauling modern artillery as well as troops and supplies. In the end General Motors filled that need with its all-wheel drive caminhão CCKW. The first examples rolled off GMC’s Pontiac, Michigan, assembly line in February 1941. By September 1942, the Chevrolet plant in St. Louis, Missouri, also started manufacturing the CCKW. This volume is packed with detailed photographs and highlights modifications through the years of its service – a wooden truck bed to save on precious steel, an open cab to allow for more cargo room in ship holds, 2 designs for axles, negative electrical system and a winch that was installed on a third of the trucks. Covers long- and short-wheelbase versions, plus cargo dump body types. Don’t miss this close-up look at the truck that carried US men and materiel to victory on 3 continents in WWII! Illustrated with more than 190 photographs, plus color profiles and detailed line drawings; Doyle; 80 pages.

Fonte: Esquadrão De Sinal

GMC CCKW Caminhão Andar - Esquadrão Sinal SS5718
GMC CCKW Caminhão Andar – Esquadrão Sinal SS5718
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