Reserve o Tigre eu na Frente Ocidental - J. Restayn

Tigre eu na Frente Ocidental


História & Coleções

PeríodoSegunda guerra mundial

Livro Descrição: The heavily armored Tiger I became the most famous German tank of World War II. The Tigers were originally intended to counter the heavy tanks of the Russian Front, and were assigned to specially created tank battalions. In 1944 Tiger units were rushed to Normandy and fought in all the major battles of the Western Front. Although they were superior to all the tanks of the Western allies, Tigers in the West faced the added danger of attack from the greatly superior British and American air forces. Each Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS unit equipped with the Tiger I is covered in detail. Each unit’s insignia and a representative vehicle with camouflage and markings is shown in color. The operational history of each unit, and in some cases individual vehicles, is described with the aid of 250 black and white photos, most of them never before published. Editora comentários: This book is a follow-on from Jean Restayne’s earlier book: Tiger 1 on the Eastern Front (Histoire & Collections 1999. The 2 books make a great set!

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Reserve o Tigre eu na Frente Ocidental - J. Restayn
Reserve o Tigre eu na Frente Ocidental – J. Restayn
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