Mil Mi-2

Country Soviet Union
Type Helicopter
Produced 1965-1998
Built 5497
The Mil Mi-2 (NATO reporting name Hoplite) is a small, lightly armored turbine-powered transport helicopter that could also provide close air support when armed with 57 mm rockets and a 23 mm cannon.
Source: Mil Mi-2 on Wikipedia
Mi-2 Walk Around
Photographer Unknow
Localisation Unknow
Photos 69
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Mil Mi-2 Walk Around
PhotographerVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationMinsk-Borovaya Air Museum

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More info:

The Mil Mi-2 is a small helicopter that was designed by the Soviet company Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in the early 1960s. It was the first Soviet helicopter to use turbine engines, which gave it more power and speed than the previous Mi-1 model. The Mi-2 was also able to carry more passengers and cargo, and could be equipped with various weapons for combat missions. The Mi-2 was produced exclusively by the Polish factory WSK PZL-Świdnik, which built almost 5,500 units until 1998. The Mi-2 was used by many countries, mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia, for military and civilian purposes. It was known by the NATO reporting name Hoplite.

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