Tunge 24 cm kanon - Arsenal av våpen 138


Serie Arsenal

Schwere 24-cm Kanone



En dokumentasjon signert Arsenal la revue «Schwere 24-cm Kanone – Waffen Arsenal 138» .

The 24 cm Kanone M. 16 was a superheavy siege gun used by Austria-Hungary during World War I and by Nazi Germany during World War II. Only two were finished during World War I, but the other six were completed in the early twenties and served with the Czechoslovak Army until they were bought by the Germans after their Munich Agreement in 1938. During World War I one gun served on the Western Front and the other on the Italian Front. During World War II they saw action in the Battle of France, Operation Barbarossa and the Siege of Leningrad.

Kilde: Wikipedia

Wait, Searching Waffen Arsenal 138 for you…
Tunge 24 cm kanon - Arsenal av våpen 138
Tunge 24 cm kanon – Arsenal av våpen 138
Wait, Searching Schwere Kanone for you…

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