B-17F Memphis Belle - Revell 4279


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B-17F Memphis Belle

En modell av merkevaren Revell settet: B-17F Memphis Belle – Revell 4279.

The “Memphis Belle” was delivered to the 324th Bomber Squadron on July 15, 1942. She became the first U.S.A.A.F. bomber to survive twenty-five missions in Europe! Kit features four detailed radial engines, a rotating MG turret, a tail-end MG, four bombs, bomb bay racks, a detailed cockpit with consoles and an instrument panel, individual seats, a detailed radio operator/navigator’s position with a bomb sight and nose seat, detailed landing gear, decal sets for two U.S.A.A.F. versions of the “Memphis Belle” and “The Shamrock Special” and much more.

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B-17F Memphis Belle - Revell 4279
B-17F Memphis Belle – Revell 4279
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