Type A dvergubåt

Type A Midget Submarine

LandJapans rike
KlasseKō-hyōteki-klasse ubåt
periodeAndre verdenskrig

Den Type A Ko-hyoteki (甲標的甲型 Kō-hyōteki kō-gata, Target ‘A’, Type ‘A’) class was a class of Japanese midget submarines (Ko-hyoteki) used during World War II. They had hull numbers but no names. For simplicity, they are most often referred to by the hull number of the mother submarine. Thus, the midget carried by I-16-class submarine was known as I-16’s boat, or “I-16tou.” This class was followed by: Type B (甲標的乙型 Kō-hyōteki otsu-gata), Type C (甲標的丙型 Kō-hyōteki hei-gata), and Type D (甲標的丁型 Kō-hyōteki tei-gata), the last one better known as Kōryū

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The Type A Midget Submarine was a class of Japanese mini submarines that were used during World War II for harbor penetration and attack missions. They were also known as Kō-hyōteki (Target ‘A’) or simply Tubes. They had a crew of two and were armed with two 450 mm torpedoes. They were launched from larger mother submarines and carried out several daring raids on Allied naval bases, such as Pearl Harbor, Sydney and Diego Suarez. However, they had limited success and suffered heavy losses, as many of them were detected, destroyed or captured by the enemy. Some of them are now preserved in museums around the world as examples of Japan’s naval ingenuity and courage.

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