I-L Artilleri Traktor

I-L Artilleri Traktor

TypeArtilleri Traktor

Galleri 139 bilder av en I-L Artilleri Traktor

Photo gallery of an AT-L Artillery Tractor, The AT-L (Artilleriskiy Tygach-Legkiy) is a Light artillery tractor with six small roadwheels and three return rollers, first appeared in 1953 but was unsuccesful and rapidly replaced in production by the AT-LM. The AT-L and AT-LM were mainly used to tow divisonal level mortars such as the 160mm and 240mm. They were also used for a variety of communications and radar bodies. They began to disappear from front-line use during the early 1960s and were replaced by improved 6×6 trucks like the Ural-375 series.

Kilde: Artilleri Traktor

Wait, Searching AT-L Artillery Tractor photos for you…
Wait, Searching AT-L Artillery Tractor for you…

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