Russian KV-1S - Trompettist 01566


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Russian KV-1S

Een kit van het merk Trumpeter de kit: «Russian KV-1S – Trumpeter 01566».

The kit consists of over 440 parts – the kit w/refined detail – multi-slide moulded lower hull – 192 individual tracks links – Photo Etched Parts & Metal gun barrel included

KV-1S – A lighter variant of late 1942 with higher speed, but thinner armour. A new, smaller, cast turret and redesigned rear hull were used. 1370 were built. In response to criticisms, the lighter KV-1S (Russian language: КВ-1С) was released, with thinner armour and a smaller, lower turret in order to reclaim some speed. Importantly, the KV-1S also had a commander’s cupola with all-around vision blocks, a first for a Soviet heavy tank. However, the thinning-out of the armor called into question why the tank was being produced at all, when the T-34 could seemingly do everything the KV could do and much more cheaply. The Soviet heavy tank program was close to cancellation in mid-1943.

Bron: Russian KV-1S door Trompettist

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Russian KV-1S - Trompettist 01566
Russian KV-1S – Trompettist 01566
Wait, Searching Russian KV-1S for you…

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