TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber - Revell 5259


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TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber

Modelio prekės Revell komplektas: TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber – Revell 5259.

Within months of its introduction, the TBF Avenger’s mettle was tested in the Battle of Midway. Five of the first six aircraft were lost in that historic battle, but the Avenger quickly evolved into an indispensable asset for the U.S. Navy. Kit features a rotating rear ball turret with gunner figure, opening bomb bay doors, a torpedo, folding wings, retractable landing gear and decals for two versions: 1. TBF-1, VT-51, U.S.S. San Jacinto (CVL-30), Pilot Lt. George H.W. Bush and 2. TBM-1, U.S.S. Mission Bay, CVE-59, October 1943.

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TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber - Revell 5259
TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber – Revell 5259
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