Pistoletas 2S9 Nona-S

Pistoletas 2S9 Nona-S

ŠalisSovietų Sąjunga
TipasSelf-propelled and air-droppable 120 mm mortar
NuotraukaA. Martynenko
AprašymasAlbumas 41 nuotraukos pėsčiomis-apie "2S9 Nona-S"

Foto galerija a Pistoletas 2S9 Nona-S, The 2S9 NONA (Новейшее Орудие Наземной Артилерии – Newest Ordnance of Ground Artillery) is an extremely light-weight self-propelled and air-droppable 120 mm mortar designed in the Soviet Union that entered service in 1981. The 2S9 chassis is designated the S-120 and based on the aluminium hull of the BTR-D airborne multi-purpose tracked armoured personnel carrier. More generally, the 120 mm mortar is referred to as the Nona, with the 2S9 also known as the Nona-S; a BTR-80 based version is the 2S23 or Nona-SVK, and the towed 2B16 anti-tank gun version is named the Nona-K. Although no figures have been released, it is estimated that well over 1,000 2S9 were built.

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