IJA 탱크 구축함 유형 3 HONI III - 미세 금형 FM20

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IJA Tank Destroyer Type 3 HONI III

Ref FM20

브랜드의 모델 미세 금형 키트 IJA Tank Destroyer Type 3 HONI III – Fine Molds FM20

Tank three formula [Honi Ⅲ] is the administrative headquarters was planned by the Army as a weapon (armor) car Hosen (= 75 ms half 7 cm) in 1943 seven half centimeter. In addition to the personality of the car Hosen and basic self-propelled artillery half centimeter seven set was deployed combat already [Honi I], and the primary mission of the control kill box of conventional, the ability to combat anti-tank may be able to compete on enemy tanks powerful developed to prepare. Using the chassis of the Type 97 medium tank, had a room full protective battle armor there is sufficient while fixed. Gun has been expected as a tank equipped with a seven centimeter formula three semi-tank gun with a basis of field artillery ninety formula, can be defeated at the 600m distance from the front of the U.S. Army M4 tanks.

IJA 탱크 구축함 유형 3 HONI III - 미세 금형 FM20
IJA 탱크 구축함 유형 3 HONI III - 미세 금형 FM20
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