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Grumman X29

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기능: -Newly produced X-29 w/forward-swept wings -Accurately defined transparent canopy can be assembled open/closed -Detailed landing gear can be assembled in either flying or taxiing modes -Boarding stairs included -One-piece fuselage newly produced -Fuselage possesses metal-skinned appearance -Realistic rudders reproduced -Fully detailed close-coupled canard -Pilot’s seat authentically detailed -Detailed engine exhaust nozzle

As part of the USA’s experimental flight program, the X-29 first took to the air from Edwards Air Force Base on 14 December 1984. A total of two aircraft, based on Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter airframes, were produced and they flew in various tests up till 1991. The Grumman X-29’s key characteristics were forward-swept wings (at more than 33° angle), canard control surfaces and composite materials. The design was inherently unstable to increase its agility, so it utilized computerized fly-by-wire controls that could make 40 corrections per second while flying at a maximum speed of Mach 1.8. The carbon-fiber composite materials were necessary to manage the twisting that results from forward-swept wings. Such aeroelastic divergent twisting results from aerodynamic forces that rotate the wings’ leading edges upwards, and which could easily result in structural failure. Interestingly, this was only the world’s second jet-powered aircraft to have forward-swept wings, the first being the Junkers Ju 287 of 1944 vintage!

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Grumman X-29-DML4643
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