French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937 - Ace Models 72529

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French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937

47 mm SA modele 1937 In the 1930s the French artillery sought a replacement for the derivatives of the 75 mm mle 1897 field gun it used in the anti-tank role. The chosen weapon was a design of the state-owned arsenal Atelier de Puteaux , and was designated as canon de 47 mm semi-automatique mle 1937. It was a very efficient weapon, especially given the thin armour of German tanks of the time. Unfortunately for France, the 47 SA 37 still was relatively rare at the time of the Battle of France. Examples captured by the German forces were operationally used under the designation 4.7 cm Pak 141(f).

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French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937 - Ace Models 72529
French 47mm Anti-tank gun mod.1937 – Ace Models 72529
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