EE-9 Cascavel
EE-9 Cascavel
RuoloAuto Blindata
In servizio1974–present

Il EE-9 Cascavel (Portuguese pronunciation: is a six-wheeled Brazilian armoured car developed primarily for reconnaissance. It was engineered by Engesa in 1970 as a replacement for Brazil’s ageing fleet of M8 Greyhounds. The vehicle was first fitted with the Greyhound’s 37mm main gun, and subsequently, a French turret adopted from the Panhard AML-90. Later models carry unique Engesa turrets with a Belgian 90mm Cockerill Mk.3 cannon produced under licence as the EC-90

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Northrop Alfa Piedi Intorno
FotografoVladimir Yakubov
LocalizzazioneMusee des Blindes, Saumur, France
FotoSettanta nove
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