SB2C Helldiver akció Század Jel 54

SB2C Helldiver akció

SzerkesztőSzázad Jel
SerieRepülőgép Akció


Une aláírt dokumentáció Század Jel le livre «SB2C Helldiver in action – Squadron Signal 54» .

Amerikai Haditengerészet pilótái becenevén a Helldiver “the Beast”. It was not a popular plane, not easy to fly. Curtiss Aircraft designed this plane to US Navy specifications, which forced it to be too small for everything it was trying to do – have long range, carry 1,000 lbs and be a scout/bomber to replace the Douglas Dauntless. The Navy was gearing up for WW2, the plane was ordered into production before the first prototype had flown. After two years, they had improved the plane somewhat, but could never overcome the basic design limitations.

Just because the plane was not a war winner, does’t mean this isn’t a good book. This series of books has excellent, concise histories with lots of diagrams, black and white photos and color schemes used by the Navy during WW2 and afterwards. All versions are addressed, making this a great book for a modeler or aviation fan.

SB2C Helldiver akció Század Jel 54
SB2C Helldiver akció Század Jel 54
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