PaysUnion soviétique
TypeCanon automoteur

Album de 75 photos walk-around d’un « ISU-122 »

Galerie de photos d’un ISU-122, The ISU-122 (acronym of Istrebitelnaja – or Iosif Stalin-based – Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 122) was a Soviet self-propelled gun used during World War II, mostly in the anti-tank role.

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The ISU-122 was a Soviet heavy self-propelled gun that saw action during World War II and beyond. It was based on the ISU-152 chassis, but armed with a 122 mm A-19S or D-25S gun instead of a 152 mm howitzer. The ISU-122 was designed to provide direct fire support for infantry and tanks, as well as to engage enemy fortifications and armored vehicles at long range. The ISU-122 had a powerful gun that could penetrate most German tanks, but it also had some drawbacks, such as a low rate of fire, limited ammunition supply and poor accuracy. The ISU-122 was produced from 1944 to 1945, with over 2,000 units built. Some of them were later upgraded to the ISU-122S variant, which had a semi-automatic breech and a muzzle brake for faster reloading and reduced recoil. The ISU-122 and ISU-122S served with the Soviet Army until the 1960s, and were also exported to China and Poland.

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