GAF Pika

GAF Pika

RôleCible drone
Premier vol28 August 1952

L' GAF Jindivik is a radio-controlled target drone produced by the Australian Government Aircraft Factories (GAF). The name is from an Aboriginal Australian word meaning « the hunted one ». Two manually-controlled prototypes, were built as the GAF Pika (Project as a proof of concept to test the aerodynamics, engine and radio control systems, serialled A92-1/2,B-1/2. The radio-controlled Jindivik was initially designated the Project B and received serials in the A93 series. Pika is an Aboriginal Australian word meaning flier

Source: GAF Pika on Wikipedia

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GAF Pika
PhotographeVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationRAAF Museum, Point Cook
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