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Valokuvagalleria WZT-1 ARV, WZT (Wóz Zabezpieczenia Technicznego – armoured recovery vehicle) was a Polish post-World War II armoured recovery vehicle series. It consists of five versions. The first two, WZT-1 and WZT-2 were built on T-55/T-55A hull, the WZT-3 was built on T-72M hull, the WZT-3M was built on PT-91 hull and the WZT-4 was built on PT-91M hull for Malaysia.

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suunniteltu1960-luvun loppu
Paino31.5 tonnes
pituus7.10 m
leveys3.27 m
korkeus2.1 m

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The WZT-1 ARV is a Polish armored recovery vehicle based on the T-55 tank chassis. It was developed in the 1970s and entered service with the Polish Army in 1978. The WZT-1 ARV is designed to perform various battlefield tasks, such as towing damaged or immobilized vehicles, repairing and replacing engines, tracks, and other components, clearing obstacles, and lifting heavy loads. The WZT-1 ARV has a crew of four: commander, driver, mechanic, and operator. It is equipped with a hydraulic crane, a winch, a dozer blade, a welding set, and various tools and spare parts. The WZT-1 ARV also has a 12.7 mm machine gun for self-defense and smoke grenade launchers for concealment. The WZT-1 ARV has a maximum speed of 50 km/h on road and 30 km/h off-road. It can tow up to 50 tons of weight and lift up to 15 tons with its crane. The WZT-1 ARV has a range of 500 km on internal fuel and can be refueled from external sources. The WZT-1 ARV is still in service with the Polish Army and has been exported to several countries, including Iraq, India, Angola, and Peru.

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