Kello 206B

Bell 206

RooliMonikäyttöinen hyötyhelikopteri
Ensimmäinen lento8. joulukuuta 1962

Nniiden Kello 206 is a family of two-bladed, single- and twin-engined helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter at its Mirabel, Quebec, plant. Originally developed as the Bell YOH-4 for the United States Army’s Light Observation Helicopter program, it was not selected by the Army. Bell redesigned the airframe and successfully marketed the aircraft commercially as the five-place Bell 206A JetRanger. The new design was eventually selected by the Army as the OH-58 Kiowa. Bell also developed a seven-place LongRanger, which was later offered with a twin-engined option as the TwinRanger, while Tridair Helicopters offers a similar conversion of the LongRanger called the Gemini ST. The ICAO-assigned model designation “B06” is used on flight plans for the JetRanger and LongRanger, and the designation “B06T” is used for the twin-engined TwinRangers.

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Bell 206B Walk Around
PhotographerIsaac Gershman
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The Bell 206 is a versatile helicopter that can perform various roles in civil and military settings. It was first introduced in 1967 by Bell Helicopter, a company based in the United States. The Bell 206 has a two-bladed rotor system and can be powered by either a single or a twin engine. The most common variant of the Bell 206 is the JetRanger, which can seat up to five passengers and has a range of about 430 miles (690 km). The JetRanger was also adopted by the US Army as the OH-58 Kiowa, a light observation and reconnaissance helicopter. Another popular variant is the LongRanger, which can seat up to seven passengers and has a longer fuselage and fuel capacity. The LongRanger was also offered with a twin-engine option as the TwinRanger. The Bell 206 is widely used for various purposes such as law enforcement, news media, VIP transport, medical evacuation, firefighting, tourism, and training. It has been sold to many countries around the world and has been licensed-built by Agusta in Italy. The Bell 206 is known for its reliability, simplicity, and low operating costs.

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