Maultier Puoli Track - DML-6761

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Maultier Puoli Seurata

Kit brändi Dragon Malli pakki : Maultier Puoli Track – DML-6761.

This stunning 1/35 scale kit, fully living up to the standards expected by current-generation modelers, is based on 3-ton truck released earlier. However, it features a great many new parts such as wheels, suspension, tracks, chassis and cargo bed to ensure the vehicle is top notch in every respect. For the serious modeler wishing to depict a realistic Eastern Front winter scene, this Maultier will prove an invaluable asset. Whether accompanying one of Dragon’s many panzer kits in a frontline diorama, or negotiating thick mud or snow, this kit allows modelers to pursue their wildest imagination. The years of anticipation for a new Maultier are now being generously rewarded!

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Maultier Puoli Track - DML-6761
Maultier Puoli Track – DML-6761
DML - 6761- Maultier
Maultier Puoli Track – DML-6761
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