Tüüp 62

Tüüp 62

RolliKerge paak
Kasutuses1961 – 2013 (China)

2007 Norinco Type 62 (Chinese: 62式; pinyin: Liù’èr shì) is a Chinese light tank developed in the early 1960s and is based on the Chinese Type 59 with a reduced main gun calibre, lighter armour and a smaller suite of electronics and other equipment to help reduce weight. The Type 62 is retired from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces, but is still in use with other nations. It had recently been upgraded to modern standards and to provide the PLA with a dedicated light tank. It is also known under its industrial designation, WZ-131.

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The Type 62 tank is a light tank developed by China in the early 1960s. It is based on the Type 59 tank, but with a smaller caliber gun, lighter armor and reduced weight. The Type 62 tank was designed to operate in the mountainous and swampy terrain of southern China, where the Type 59 tank had difficulties. The Type 62 tank entered service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1963 and was produced until 1989. More than 1,500 units were built.
The Type 62 tank has a four-man crew and is armed with an 85 mm Type 62-85TC rifled main gun, which can fire armor-piercing, high-explosive and high-explosive anti-tank rounds. The tank also has three 7.62 mm machine guns, one coaxial, one bow-mounted and one anti-aircraft. The tank is powered by a V-12 diesel engine that gives it a maximum speed of 60 km/h on road and 35 km/h off-road. The tank has a torsion bar suspension system and can travel up to 500 km on a single fuel tank.
The Type 62 tank saw combat during the Vietnam War and the Sino-Vietnamese War. It was also exported to several countries, such as Albania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Congo, North Korea, Sudan and Tanzania. The Type 62 tank has been upgraded several times over the years, with improvements such as additional armor, fire control system, night vision equipment and new weapons. The most recent variant is the Type 62G, which has a new turret with a 105 mm gun.

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