IJA Tüüp 1 Fighter II NAKAJIMA Ki-43-II MANCHOUKUO - Trahvi Hallitusseened FB9SP

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Fighter of Japan’s Greater East Asia War of the Navy, along with Zero Fighter is the peregrine falcon. Armed with highly practical performance and supple movement, was fighting as a mainstay of the Japanese Army fighter throughout the entire period of the Greater East Asia War. Type two is the type for which it was leading in the mid-war, the aircraft will be used Manchukuo was founded at that time and (the northeastern part of China now), the Air Force Thailand allies, and even that was requisitioned by the military Chinese Communist Party even after the Japanese surrender has been used in the Chinese civil war is. ※ “Pt.2 Manchuria Army Air Corps two peregrine falcon type FB9SP” because of the limited edition was filled with special specification marking, as soon as stock is gone, will be discontinued. In addition, since the specification included only special marking, aircraft of the package can not be reproduced illustrations. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

IJA Tüüp 1 Fighter II NAKAJIMA Ki-43-II MANCHOUKUO - Trahvi Hallitusseened FB9SP
IJA Tüüp 1 Fighter II NAKAJIMA Ki-43-II MANCHOUKUO – Trahvi Hallitusseened FB9SP
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