Westland Seaking Mk7

Westland Seaking Mk7

PaísReino unido
Tipo deHelicóptero
FotógrafoErik Gustavsson

Álbum de 21 fotos de paseo alrededor de un "Westland Seaking Mk7"

Galería de fotos de un Westland Seaking Mk7, The Westland WS-61 Sea King is a British licence-built version of the American Sikorsky S-61 helicopter of the same name, built by Westland Helicopters. The aircraft differs considerably from the American version, with Rolls-Royce Gnome engines (derived from the US General Electric T58), British-made anti-submarine warfare systems and a fully computerised flight control system. The Sea King was primarily designed for performing anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. A Sea King variant was adapted by Westland as troop transport known as the Commando.

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Espera, la Búsqueda de Westland Seaking Mk7 para usted...

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