Humber Luz Auto de Reconocimiento 1941-45 - NUEVA VANGUARDIA 177

Osprey Publishing

La SerieNueva Vanguardia
AutorRichard Doherty
IllustratorHenry Morshead

Une documentación firmada Osprey Publishing le livre «Humber Light Reconnaissance Car 1941–45 – NEW VANGUARD 177» .

The iconic vehicle of the British Army’s Reconnaissance Corps during World War II, the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC) saw service in several theatres of war between 1941 and 1945. The Humber LRC gave excellent service to the Reconnaissance Corps with its agility, speed and height proving to be invaluable assets to the units that operated it. Using numerous photographs, and newly commissioned artwork, this book looks at the development of the LRC, its use by the Reconnaissance Corps and its importance to British infantry divisions in the theatre in which it served.

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Humber Luz Auto de Reconocimiento 1941-45 - NUEVA VANGUARDIA 177
Humber Luz Auto de Reconocimiento 1941-45 – NUEVA VANGUARDIA 177
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