Panzers ligeros alemanes 1932-42 - NUEVA VANGUARDIA 26


SerieNueva vanguardia
AutorBryan Perrett
ilustradorTerry Hadler

Un libro firmado Publicación de Osprey le livre «German Light Panzers 1932–42 – NEW VANGUARD 26» .

The light tanks of the Panzerwaffe make a fascinating subject for technical and historical study. Operation Barbarossa was the light tanks’ swan song: thoroughly experienced and at the peak of self-confidence, the Panzergruppen brought Moscow to almost within Hitler’s grasp. However, the effectiveness and popularity of the light panzers was only proven because Hitler’s Panzerwaffe (despite their technical excellence) was poorly equipped. The critically short supply of the Panzerkampfwagen III and IV placed an ever-increasing onus on the light tanks that filled out the Panzerwaffe’s ranks during the glory years. In this book, Bryan Perrett examines the evolution of the PzKpfw I and II.

Fuente: Publicación de Osprey

Panzers ligeros alemanes 1932-42 - NUEVA VANGUARDIA 26
Panzers ligeros alemanes 1932-42 – NUEVA VANGUARDIA 26
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