Junkers Ju88A-1 Βομβιστής - Revell 5986


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Junkers Ju88A-1 Bomber

Ένα μοντέλο της μάρκας Revell το κιτ: Junkers Ju88A-1 Bomber – Revell 5986.

Powered by 1,200 hp (895 kW) Jumo 211B-1 engines, the Junkers Ju 88A-1 was intimidating on the ground and in the air. Employed as a bomber or fighter, the Ju 88 was sure to hit its targets. Kit features surface details with recessed panel lines; separate ailerons and flaps; a super-detailed cockpit with side walls, a bomb sight, wireless equipment and instrument panels; rotating props with detailed engine cowls and decals for two versions: 1. 7./Kampfgeschwader 54 France, September 1940, Battle of Britain and 2. Geschwaderstab KG 30, Westerland/Sylt. 1939.

Πηγή: Junkers Ju88A-1 on Revell

Junkers Ju88A-1 Βομβιστής - Revell 5986
Junkers Ju88A-1 Βομβιστής – Revell 5986
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