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M41B Γουόκερ Μπουλντόγκ

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Συλλογή φωτογραφιών ενός M41B Γουόκερ Μπουλντόγκ, The M41 Walker Bulldog was an American light tank developed to replace the M24 Chaffee. It was named for General Walton Walker who died in a jeep accident in Korea. On 7 November 1950, the US Ordnance Committee Minutes (OCM) issued item #33476, redesignating the heavy, medium, and light tank, according to the main armament; the 120mm and 105mm caliber (heavy, larger-than-100mm) Gun Tanks, 90mm (medium) Gun Tanks, and the 76mm (light) Gun Tanks.

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M41B Walker Bulldog
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The M41 Walker Bulldog was an American light tank that was designed to replace the M24 Chaffee. It was named after General Walton Harris Walker, who was nicknamed “Bulldog” and died in a jeep accident in Korea in 1950. The M41 was produced by Cadillac Motor Car Division, a division of General Motors, from 1951 to 1954. It was intended for armed reconnaissance missions, but it also performed well in close infantry support and rapid airborne deployments.
The M41 had a four-man crew and was armed with a 76 mm M32A1 rifled cannon and two machine guns. It had a top speed of 72 km/h and a range of 161 km. The M41 was the first postwar American light tank to see worldwide service, and was exported to many countries, especially in Asia. It saw combat in several wars, such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Vietnam War, and the Somali Civil War. The M41 was also used as a basis for other vehicles, such as the M42 Duster anti-aircraft tank and the M75 armored personnel carrier. The M41 was eventually replaced by the M551 Sheridan in the US Army.

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