Macchi MC200 Saetta-Revell 3991


Реф 3991

Macchi MC200 Saetta

Модел на марката Revell комплект: Macchi MC200 Saetta – Revell 3991.

The Macchi C.200 was one of WWII’s fastest, most maneuverable aircraft. Mario Castoldi, the creator of the Schneider Trophy-winning M.39, was the project’s lead designer. Castoldi used his racing aircraft expertise to construct an all-metal fighter with a fully enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear. Prototypes were powered by an 870 hp Fiat® A.74 radial engine, which resulted in 500 mph (805 km/h) speeds while diving. Kit features structured surfaces, a detailed radial engine, a detailed undercarriage, a movable propeller, a pilot figure and decals for Italian and German versions.

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Macchi MC200 Saetta-Revell 3991
Macchi MC200 Saetta-Revell 3991
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