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The Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir is an Israeli-built all-weather, multirole combat aircraft based on a modified French Dassault Mirage 5 airframe, with Israeli avionics and an Israeli-made version of the General Electric J79 turbojet engine. The project that would ultimately give birth to the Kfir can be traced back to Israel’s need for adapting the Dassault Mirage IIIC to the specific requirements of the Israeli Air Force (IAF). The all-weather, delta-winged Mirage IIICJ was the first Mach 2 aircraft acquired by Israel from then close ally France, and constituted the backbone of the IAF during most of the 1960s, until the arrival of the A-4 Skyhawk and, most importantly, the F-4 Phantom II, by the end of the decade. While the Mirage IIICJ proved to be extremely effective in the air-superiority role, its relatively short range of action imposed some limitations on its usefulness as a ground-attack aircraft.

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Кфир C21 Номинална net-40000000000000000
F-21A (03) Разходка Около
ФотографАйзък Гершман
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KFir F-21A Номинална net-40000000000000000

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