Германските тежки крайцери 1939-45 - нова vanguard 81

Орел Рибар Публикуване

СерияНова Vanguard
АвторътГордън Уилямсън
ИлюстраторИън Палмър

Книга с подпис Орел Рибар Публикуване the «German Heavy Cruisers 1939–45 – NEW VANGUARD 81» .

The development of this excellent and successful class of warship only became possible after the Anglo-German naval agreement of 1935 eased restrictions on the types of ship Germany could build; even then only five of the class were permitted: the Admiral Hipper, the Blücher, the Prinz Eugen, the Seydlitz and the Lützow. These Cruisers were designed for Atlantic operations and had eight 8 inch guns, 12 10.5 cm heavy anti-aircraft guns and 17 smaller calibre anti aircraft guns as well as twelve torpedo tubes and their own compliment of up to six aircraft. This title covers the design, development and operational history of the Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper class.

Източник: орел рибар

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Германските тежки крайцери 1939-45 - нова vanguard 81
Германските тежки крайцери 1939-45 – нова vanguard 81
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